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Saint Michael Comics Comic Book Pressing Services

Saint Michael Comics offers Comic Book Pressing services for Comic Books from all eras. Below is a high-level explanation of how we perform our Comic Book pressing. Much of this process was learned from Michael Frederik Sorensen’s book Comic Book CPR and is readily available to those of you interested in learning more about this process.

Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or are interested in our pressing services.

Comic Book Pressing Services – Step by step

If you are interested in having us dry clean and press your comic book, it would probably be best if you first understand the types of defects pressing will fix. Comic book pressing is not a magic wand that can solve all of life’s problems, it can solve some very specific problems well, but not everything.

What does that mean exactly?

Well, if you come to me with a completely torn cover and a permanent sharpie scribble on the front, chances are that pressing won’t be able to fix those issues; understand?

Comic Book Pressing will help remove creases, fix dents, spine rolls and many other things. It can be extremely effective when combined with a high quality dry clean, and can significantly increase your comics grade resulting in a higher asset value.

For many comic books, this could be a difference of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

The following chart below outlines which defects can be corrected by pressing and dry cleaning verses which can not be corrected.

Pressable defectsNon-pressable defects
Spine rollsColor-breaking creases
Non-color breaking creases
Step 1 – Pick a book that you can improve

When determining which comic book to press, pick one that will press well. See above; there are many defects that pressing won’t fix.

Don’t “force” a book to be pressed, because you may be wasting your time and money. Pressing will almost always make the comic book present better when getting it graded, but it may not increase the grade at all given the books existing defects.

For example, you may have a nice copy of a book graded at a 4.5 that would increase substantially in value if you could get the grade to 5.0 or 5.5 – but when reviewing the book, it may not be a good candidate for pressing.

This does not mean you shouldn’t press it but rather it means you should have some realistic expectations before sending it to Saint Michael Comics for pressing.

There will be presses in which the end result appears to be a brand new comic book and we are looking to find those gems to get you the maximum value from your comic book investment(s).

Step 2 – Start with a nice dry clean

I have comics in my own personal collection that I’ve literally hauled around in a short box for decades since I started collecting comics as a kid. From my first apartment when I attended college to cross-country when I moved to Arizona after graduating, those short boxes came with me. All of these books were placed in bags with backboards for the entire duration of my ownership, and you know what?

They still get dirty.

There is dust on them, dirt, debris and other things that can be cleaned. We do a thorough dry clean on all books prior to pressing, unless requested otherwise by the customer. This may include one or a combination of several of the following based on the comics book condition and age:

  • Preliminary Cotton Clean and Polish
  • 2.3mm Spot Cry Clean
  • 2.5mm Spot Dry Clean
  • Mars Plastic Hand Clean and Polish
  • Gum Eraser Touch up
  • Thorough Absorene cleanse
  • Magic Eraser Touch up – whites only
  • Document Pad Clean
  • Miscellaneous Touch up by Hand
Step 3 – Humidify to perfection

Humidity times will vary depending on your location and the books age. If you live in the pacific northwest of the United States, you may not even need to humidify your book, whereas in the Southwestern United States, you will definitely want to humidify the book in a chamber before pressing…

Refer to Michael Frederik Sorensen’s Comic Book CPR for appropriate humidification times. Ultimately this is an art just as much as it is a science that can only be mastered through study and practice.

The good news is a humidity chamber is extremely quick and easy to make, and costs little money to create. Saint Michael Comics uses individual, climate controlled humanity chambers for all comic books prior to pressing. Humidity is held at 99%, room temperature, and monitored via digital hygrometer gauges. Humidity is adjusted with 100% distilled water.

Step 4 – Ensure proper pressing temperature and time

A good rule of thumb when assessing if a comic book would benefit from pressing is quickly screening and identifying if any breaks in color cannot be fixed with a press. Spine ticks, scratches, and very bad creases in which there have been color cracks cannot be corrected.

If you have a book that is heavily dented or wrinkled, it may be a good candidate for our comic book pressing services. Feel free to contact us for more info.

Step 5 – Let it rest then assess

After a heat press has been completed, the book needs to remain within the press for at least 24hrs in order to prevent reversion. Sometimes a comic may need to be pressed twice regardless, however after each press has been completed, the book will be assessed to determine appropriate next steps.

Many times a dry clean and single press can work wonders on a book, and are all that are needed in order to significantly increase it’s value.

Step 6 – Send in for grading

If everything looks good, you can now send the book in for grading or you can simply enjoy a much cleaner, higher-grade copy of your book within your collection without slabbing it.

Saint Michael Comics can take care of this entire process for you so that your comic book asset(s) get the highest grade(s) and value(s) possible.

Contact us to learn more about our comic book pressing services today!

eBay Trading Card Hub – changing the collectable game

Do you want everyone on the eBay trading card hub, or the IRS knowing you own X-men #1?
X-men #1

eBay Trading Card Hub – Changing the collectable game: The vast majority of online comic book sales comes from eBay. That isn’t to say that online retailers aren’t using other websites to market and sell their comic books and collectables, however eBay is by far the most prevalent; so much so that other websites and online applications geared towards collecting comic books utilize eBay for pricing tracking and speculation.

These are services that charge fees for aggregating this pricing data in an easy to use interface so that an individual can track the value of their collection(s) or of book(s) they are interested in purchasing.

Competitive alternatives and are just two examples of this (there are many others). If you go to their websites, you will see they track the pricing and sales of comic books, and they do this by tapping into recent eBay sales. All of this information is available for free on eBay if you choose to seek it out. You just need to search for a specific comic book you are interested in and adjust the filters to show you recent sales of that book and viola! You now have the most recent sales data for that book and can get a rough estimate of what that book is worth.

The difficult part is combining this data, especially when there are large sums of it, in order to get an accurate representation of value.

For example; if there are 100 sales of a certain comic book over the last year, eBay shows you those sales, but does not show you averages of those sale(s), or average sale(s) broken down by raw grade or CGC grade. This requires the individual to manually compile that information and calculate that data on their own. Further, you can setup alerts for recent sales of a particular comic book, but you would need to manually update your data to take the recent sale(s) into consideration to ensure your information is being kept up-to-date.

Utilizing third party applications for comic book speculation

This, in a nutshell, is why third party websites and applications like are so useful. They do all of this automatically for you, making it much easier to track comic book sales activity on the internet. Even though these applications are not updated in 100% real time, they still make life a lot easier by providing this information in one easy-to-use location. If the eBay trading card hub begins to offer these types of metrics through their own website it will completely disrupt the usefulness of 3rd party tracking tools and can change the game of how collectors track, monitor, speculate, and sell their comic book(s) and other collectable asset(s).

The initial beta release will focus on trading cards , but it appears obvious that the application will be expanded to all collectables once the beta testing has been completed.

What does Youtube think about eBay’s Trading Card Hub?

A great Youtube video from Comictom101 covering this topic can be seen here:

Ultimately, it will be interesting to see how this not only affects the additional tracking tools available, but also how it affects other sales and auction sites for collectables ( &

As of right now, it does not appear that eBay trading card hub will be charging for this service as they make money off the transactions that occur on their site, but it will be interesting to see if this changes in the future given the value of a service like this. Once this goes live across all collectables, you will have the ability to track your portfolio of collectable assets much like that of a stock portfolio with the exception being that your portfolio is backed by physical tangible assets that are in your possession.

I don’t want to ramble off topic but I will be sure to write a separate article on how I’d much rather have a 9.8 CGC copy of Hulk #181 in my possession, one of only 140 in existence (according to CGC), versus stock in a manipulated market controlled by banks and hedge-funds whom don’t have retail investors best interests at heart.

Anyway, back to eBay…

This is a fantastic move in my opinion. It will make eBay trading card hub the go-to marketplace for collectable assets beyond the simplicity of buying and selling comic books. It will create an all inclusive hub that will become the new industry standard when it comes to analytics pertaining to all things collectable (including comic books).

How safe is allowing this comic book buying and selling data to be seen?

However there is one major concern I have with this feature when it comes to data rights and privacy. Right now if you or I purchase a comic book on eBay, that information is only known by the buyer, the seller, and eBay. If these types of transactions are to be registered universally across the board within this new eBay trading application, it would eliminate any sort of privacy associated with these purchases, making it known to anyone on eBay the assets you have within your portfolio. eBay has stated that:

We pre-populated your Collection with your ebay purchases from supported categories within the last year (rolling 12 months), and that cards will be automatically added to your collection in the near future.

Unfortunately, this could have some potentially damaging ramifications that most people don’t seem to be aware of yet.

Before anyone begins to think that I’ve lost my mind, let me inform you that I work in technology for a living, and have first hand experience in understanding how these companies operate and obtain these obscene multi-billion dollar valuations.

It’s the data…

What about taxes and the IRS?

If you are purchasing comic books and collectables because you love them and could care less about the value, bravo! However, if you are also purchasing them for the purposes of acquiring more hard assets to strengthen you and/or your family’s future financial security, then you are going to want to know that information like this would most definitely be made available to organizations such as the IRS (if requested), and if users of the platform have no say in regards to which collectables are publicly shown as being purchased by them, this could be a problem.

I would venture to guess that most collectors buy comic books because they love them, but also because they know they are a good store of value if you purchase right – making this a bit more complicated.

So what’s the big deal?

Well, let’s say you work for a living and pay taxes on your earnings like everyone else. You save your already taxed money and decide to purchase a valuable comic book worth thousands of dollars. Should that purchase be reported to the IRS, or would it be subject to additional taxation should it double or triple in value?

Do I seriously need a self-directed Roth IRA for this?

Perhaps one way to avoid this would be a Self-Directed Roth IRA, but this is something that I don’t think many collectors are thinking or talking about, and it most certainly should be part of the discussion as their are income limitations to being able to establish one.

Please note that I’m not a financial advisor or tax professional, and you will want to consult with one if you foresee a scenario in which this may be an issue.

Beyond potential tax implications, and please understand that I’m not advising someone to not pay their taxes, but am rather stating that I believe it to be unfair to be taxed multiple times on income already taxed.

It’s important to understand that the utilization of this platform could let everyone know every collectable you own which was purchased on eBay.

Confidentiality and privacy

Do you want everyone to know that you own five copies of X-Men #1? Fantastic Four #1 or Detective Comics #1? These are just examples, but surely you catch my drift.

As exciting as these changes are within the eBay platform, please recognize some of the potential downsides of it and how it may affect you as an eBay buyer or seller.

eBay does state that:

Only you can see your collection. We do not currently support collection sharing.

but who knows how long that will continue to be the case and how private that information truly is. Also, the above statement leads me to believe that this may be changed in the future, otherwise eBay would have stated all collections will remain private from the very beginning.

We shall see…

Final thoughts

I do want to finish off by saying that I feel this is a great move by eBay and one that will surely solidify their platform as the place to go for buying, selling and tracking collectable and comic book values; a no-brainer, and a strategy that should have been implemented years ago.

So whomever is the brilliant mind that’s in charge of this project – my hat’s off to you sir/madam! Excellent work!

Take a look at our comic book pressing and cleaning services before selling your comics on eBay or sending them to CGC for grading.

Thors Stormbreaker and my Life-changing Decision

Thors Stormbreaker and My Life-changing Decision
Comic book The Might Thor, issue #339 – first Stormbreaker

Thors Stormbreaker and My Life-changing Decision: I was just watching Avengers Infinity War, and the scene in which Thor was speaking with Eitri about the new weapon the were about to build gave me the inspiration to finally create my first post.

It’s about 2 weeks overdue…

The two most important days of your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.

Mark Twain

I can’t go too in-depth within this post, but thank you God for making me reborn!

This is the beginning of something great, and I just needed to share something on this site as it goes through a redesign.

Saint Michael Solutions is going to offer Comic Book Pressing, Restoration, and Grading Services to individuals interested in increasing the value of their Comic Book(s) Assets prior to Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) grading.

Pricing will be released shortly and my blog posts will cover all things relating to Comic Book Pressing, Restoration, Dry Cleaning, Grading and Pre-screening. I will also create journal posts for the blog in reference to all things Comic Books and my experiences working within this industry.

I’ve been putting off this first post due to the raw nature of the site right now, but just wanted to get something up as a placeholder while I finalize last minute details.

I’m an avid Comic Book Reader, Fan, and Collector that has been collecting comics since childhood with my father over 30 years ago.

It’s some of my fondest memories of childhood.

Now, with a beautiful wife and a son of my own, I couldn’t be more excited to start this next chapter in our lives.